Ostomo notes

Game modes

Free play mode

  • Gather resources, build bases & ships by designing blueprints & using 3d printers
  • Create optimization algorithms, aimbots, genetic algos for ship design, etc
  • Trade resources, services, products
  • Specializations will likely develop
  • Different organizations can have very different control APIs for their standard ships, resulting in deep cultural differences. Or they can be compatible. All of this organically develops
  • Controls of ships are user-defined with code
  • The person, rather than the ship, is the primary entity. There is you, and you can climb into vehicles you built/have access to

Competition mode

  • In-game arena for gaining skill points through "grinding"
  • Player puts on VR goggles in game and enters an arena where everybody starts from a level playground. There are matches
  • No anti-cheat: ability to write good automation is a valuable skill!
  • Example: put 5 players on random locations on a planet. Their objective is to conquer the entire planet, by any means necessary. Players will have to optimize for using their available resources to build factories, write automation to make it happen, etc. Player who maintains control over the whole planet for a certain length of time wins.

Simulation mode

  • Single-player simulation, disconnected from world
  • Used to test ideas, as planetarium, etc