Ostomo notes


Much of this is summarized with GPT-4 and might not be perfectly self-consistent!


  • Late 21st century: Formation of Union State of Earth (USE) after a catastrophic event
  • 2114: Discovery of wormhole technology; rapid expansion of USE
  • 2200-2300: Time of Troubles; formation of the League of Free Systems (LFS) after secession from USE
  • 2257: The Great Partition; USE destroys wormholes to LFS and attempts to gain a time advantage
  • Early 23rd century: Intensified conflict between USE and LFS; technological advancements
  • Early 24th century: Stalemate reached; secret negotiations begin
  • 2401: Signing of the Treaty of Concord; establishment of a demilitarized zone and promotion of cooperation
  • Early 25th century: Stabilization of life in USE and LFS; exploration of uncharted space
  • 2424 (MMORPG setting): Emergence of mysterious threats from unexplored space; cooperation between USE and LFS to confront new challenges
In the early 25th century, the setting takes place in the Union State of Earth (USE), which was formed in the late 21st century after a catastrophic event. The USE is a highly centralized and market socialist government that relies heavily on AI and mass surveillance for planning and governance. By 2114, wormhole technology is discovered, leading to rapid expansion of the USE across a 100 light-year radius. Unifleet, the space exploration branch, monopolizes space travel, and the wormhole network creates a "hydraulic empire" that further centralizes power.
Between 2200-2300, the "Time of Troubles" occurs, starting with the 2210 Council of Nations elections, where Unifleet manipulations lead to the secession of 70% of USE's systems as the League of Free Systems (LFS). This conflict is driven by underlying issues such as AI corruption and advances in cybernetic technology. In 2257, the Great Partition takes place, with USE intentionally destroying all wormholes to rebel space in an attempt to gain a time advantage for rebuilding.
However, when the USE attempts to reconnect with the LFS 15 years later, they find that the LFS has developed slipdrives, enabling faster-than-light travel. This technology allows LFS ships to quickly invade USE territory, further escalating the conflict between the two factions.
Following the LFS's invasion of USE territory using their newly developed slipdrives, the conflict between the two factions intensifies throughout the 23rd century. The struggle for resources and control over wormhole technology drives both sides to invest heavily in research and development, resulting in breakthroughs in energy production, space travel, and military technology.
By the early 24th century, a tense stalemate is reached as both sides continue to develop increasingly sophisticated countermeasures and defense systems. Recognizing the catastrophic consequences of an all-out war, representatives from USE and LFS begin secret negotiations in the hopes of finding a peaceful resolution.
In 2401, after years of diplomatic efforts, the Treaty of Concord is signed, establishing a demilitarized zone between the territories of USE and LFS. The treaty also promotes scientific collaboration, trade, and cultural exchange between the two factions, with the shared goal of advancing humanity's understanding of the universe and fostering a lasting peace.
Over the next two decades, life in both the USE and LFS begins to stabilize, and the wounds of the past slowly start to heal. New colonies are established, and the exploration of previously uncharted regions of space becomes a priority. As the 25th century progresses, humanity's understanding of the cosmos deepens, and new discoveries reshape their understanding of the universe.
In 2424, the setting of the MMORPG, tensions between the USE and LFS have significantly diminished. However, this newfound peace is threatened by the emergence of mysterious and powerful forces from the depths of unexplored space. These enigmatic entities challenge humanity's dominion over the galaxy, forcing the USE and LFS to put aside their differences and work together to confront this new threat.
Players in the game are tasked with exploring unknown regions of space, uncovering ancient secrets, and forging alliances to protect their faction's interests. As they navigate this complex and dangerous galaxy, players must decide whether to uphold the fragile peace between the USE and LFS or exploit the chaos for their own gain. The choices they make will shape the future of humanity and determine the fate of the galaxy.

Political systems

In the 25th century, the political systems of the USE and LFS have evolved to adapt to their unique circumstances:
  • Retains a centralized political system, with a federal government that holds significant power
  • Legislature (Council of Nations) composed of delegates sent by regional governments
  • Executive (President) candidates nominated by legislature and ratified by a global popular vote
  • Strong focus on advanced AI and mass surveillance for governance and planning
  • Pursues a market socialist economy, with a significant portion of GDP in the public sector
  • Functions as a decentralized confederation of independent planets, defense cooperatives, and sovereign space stations
  • Each member maintains its own political system, ranging from democracies to autocracies
  • A loose governing body, the LFS Assembly, serves as a platform for coordination and cooperation between members
  • Decisions made within the LFS Assembly are generally non-binding, with each member retaining sovereignty over its own affairs
  • The LFS economy is overall highly "anarcho-capitalist", mainly due to intense tax/regulation competition between member states. Some member states have quasi-socialist internal economies (think "all inclusive resort states"), but citizens of those states still compete freely in international trade.

To be incorporated

  • Earth destroyed / rendered inaccessible by some catastrophic event
  • Only population left in the world is the explorer population that is our players
    • No need to procedurally generate people or cities